What’s so great about Shakeology?

The most common problem with our current food system is we are over caloried and undernourished.

Most Americans don’t get enough of the right nutrients on a day to day basis. Admit it, how many of us reach for the veggie drawer when we are hungry? I didn’t think so. My guess is you head to the pantry instead. The sad thing about all those delicious items in the pantry that come out of a box? Just empty calories filled with fat that make you feel happy in the moment and then make you feel like crap later.

Not getting the right foods into our bodies leads to overeating and cravings to try and fill in the gaps of what we are missing (another trip to the pantry anyone?). The beauty in Shakeology is it fills in all those gaps. It includes all your daily nutrition in one shake (that’s why the tag line is your daily dose of dense nutrition). I’m talking protein, veggies, antioxidants, probiotics, fiber- everything.

Even better, Shakeology has more nutrients than your daily multivitamin and is sourced from whole foods so it’s not synthetically made and your body recognizes what’s being put in it. Combine that with the digestive enzymes and probiotics in Shakeology and you are not just consuming all the nutrition you need in one shake, your body is actually absorbing the nutrients too. When you solve your nutrition problem you body functions better, you have more energy, your digestive system is more regular, and you loose that extra weight your body is storing because it’s undernourished.


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