Your scale is a filthy liar!

Can we talk about the scale for a second? How many of you have one in your bathroom? How many times have you gotten on that scale and the number you saw determined if you felt good or bad?

Raises hand.

The scale is such an easy way to “gage” your progress. The problem is it’s not accurate.

img_1515<– See this pic?

I couldn’t button these pants when I started my 8 week lifting program Hammer & Chisel. Real talk. I couldn’t even pull them up past my hips. Eek!

If you put on your favorite jeans that you haven’t been able to wear in over a year and they were too big, would you be proud?

Heck yeah!

Now what if after you slid on your now-too-big jeans you stepped on the scale and only lost 4 pounds. Would your balloon start to deflate?

Mine did.

I’m just being honest. I don’t know why we think the number on the scale is so important. I don’t know why we let it effect our mood. I just put on pants I haven’t worn in over a year and I feel defeated instead of proud. LAME!

2 Reasons the Scale Lies

  1. Hormones- breast feeding, postpartum adjustments, and menstrual cycles can cause temporary weight gain.
  2. Sore muscles- starting a new workout, working out hard, and working out longer all challenge our muscles and as part of the repair process they hoard water. Never get on the scale when you’re sore or after the first week of a new workout program!

What Works?

Instead of measuring your progress by the scale, measure it by something that matters to you. Is it fitting into a certain dress or pair of jeans? Is it getting definition in your arms, abs, or legs? Is it having more energy? Feeling more confident? Feeling stronger? Running faster?

The scale doesn’t define us. It doesn’t determine our self worth. Let’s stop measuring our success by it.

My Results

I lost over 14 inches doing Hammer & Chisel!!! 3 inches from my belly, 2 inches from my hips and almost 2 inches from my legs (which is my trouble spot). I’m through the roof with these results. My legs have not been this defined EVER. And I’ve had 2 babies in the last 2 years. Boom!

The scale only shows 4lbs lost. While I’d love to see my pre pregnancy weight range of 139-142 again, I’m focusing on how much stronger and confident I feel right now. And have I mention how awesome my legs are these days? Smallest they’ve ever been. I have a feeling when I stop nursing baby girl some of my current 150lbs will magically disappear. Hormones are funny like that.





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