Bad Day? It’s nothing personal.


Having a Bad Day?

Ever have a day where nothing went right? Nothing catastrophic, but everything seemed to take longer than it should and it wasn’t as simple as it usually was?

Yeah, that was my morning and I was getting really frustrated that the usual routine was all messed up. Once on the other side, I could look back and see that while I can’t control everything (technology and toddler tantrums) I can control how I respond. It’s my choice to get upset and it’s my choice to stop, breathe, and keep my emotions in check. I’ll admit today I chose to get mad but when it made me feel worse, I chose to let it go. I was taking everything personal like the world was out to get me. Then I realized it was my rush to get things done that made me see it that way. Changing my perspective and giving myself a little more time turned my morning around.

Bottom line: It’s never too late to change your choices or your perspective.

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