Want to know a secret? I’m an introvert and I feel pretty silly sharing my sweaty workout pics and Thanks Teacher!videos on social media. If you’ve ever met me IRL I probably flashed a smile through my resting bitch face and awkwardly stumbled out some words that may or may not have actually made sense. I do much better hiding behind my phone while I type. I still feel silly being an open book though. I mean who¬†really cares that I worked out today or that I made a chicken salad wrap for lunch?

What makes it worth it? If I feel so silly, why do I keep doing it? For the mom looking for motivation to keep working out while pregnant, for the mom struggling with low energy who tries Shakeology to fuel her body better, for the mom struggling to find herself amidst the chaos of raising children and commits to 30 min workouts each day.

I know I’m not changing the world over here, but I also know that I can make a difference in a few lives and I’ve certainly made a difference in my own.

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