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As a busy mom I get the need for simple, easy solutions. We have limited time and energy to spend and we want to make sure we use them efficiently. ...

Why You Need a Coach!

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What’s so great about Shakeology?

The most common problem with our current food system is we are over caloried and undernourished. Most Americans don’t get enough of the right nutrients on a day to day ...


My Transformation Tuesday

  When I look at the girl on the left I see ...

21 Day Fix- Does it work?

Have you seen the cute little boxes that come with the 21 ...

Why Not Me? A Post Baby Update

This is me paying it forward. I want to show you it’s ...

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Bad Day? It’s nothing personal.

Having a Bad Day? Ever have a day where nothing went right? Nothing catastrophic, but everything seemed to take longer than it should and it wasn’t as simple as it usually was? Yeah, that was my morning and I was getting really frustrated that the usual routine was all messed up. Once on the other […]

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Want to know a secret? I’m an introvert and I feel pretty silly sharing my sweaty workout pics and videos on social media. If you’ve ever met me IRL I probably flashed a smile through my resting bitch face and awkwardly stumbled out some words that may or may not have actually made sense. I […]

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S’mores Shakeology

My favorite summer dessert? S’mores. Have you every tried it with peanut butter cups? Oh. My. Goodness. I can’t go back. Soo good! But also not something I can be eating every day and still be focused on my food goals. A great treat for sure though. On the other days I’ve started to turn […]

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Don’t Give Up on the Hard Days

I just got my a$$ kicked on my run today. I’ve been rocking my Brazil butt lift workouts for the past two weeks and my legs are just trashed. It was a real struggle to pull out 12 miles (yes I only did 12 instead of 13) and it was a great reminder about goals. […]

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2 Steps to Push Past Average

Yesterday I had an epiphany which I shared on FB live. Long story short I haven’t been taking care of me. Sure I’m working out every day and drinking my Shakeology daily, but I had hit a ceiling in my personal growth and I was stuck. So I did what any good beachbody coach does […]

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